i don't care if this entire post is the cheesiest thing you've ever read, because
one year ago today, i married david haynes !!!!
and it was the best day of my life...
until every day since just kept getting better !!

in this last year, we have:
-moved twice (first peterson point 1700 and now woodside 6)
-opened the store
-laughed as hard as we could
-chased stray kittens
-done an ironman (him)
-bought a motorcycle (rebbie!)
-gotten our idaho driver's licenses
-wakeboarded, wakeskated, and water skiied
-torn up the carpet in our woodman apartment
-learned to ride a motorcycle (me)
-gone snowboarding a couple times
-went on a hot air balloon ride
-spent many nights at the university pool swimming laps (him)
-ridden big horses over big jumps (me)
-had breakfast in bed from time to time
-surfed (him)
-sold a car (the mustang)
-made 1,296,419,850 inside jokes
-bought two bicycles (the Trek and the MexiSchwinn)
-nursed each other through various illnesses (flus, lactose, chest wall weirdness)
-watched dumb&dumber and nacho libre more than a dozen times each
-done comic frenzy (me)
-had various houseguests (my mom, kristie, scotty, robbie, michelle)
-sent thousands of text messages and emails to each other
-prayed in english, in spanish, and in french
-made some really cool friends (we love you, FHE family!)
-botched a couple of recipes
-used a lot of lavendar oil
-finished 3 semesters as full-time students
{ one of which included french 201 and accounting 301--hard! }
-missed our families non-stop
-rented lotttss of movies from CleanFlix
-gotten called to the activities committee (together),
the compassionate services committee (me),
and to teach elders quorum (him)
-worked HARD!
-ran our little store every single day
-battled lactose intolerance
-gotten sunburn after sunburn after sunburn (me)
-gone on many a trail ride with my mom and many a golf course with my dad (him)
-eaten our fair share of chips and salsa
-surprised each other
-watched, like, everyone we know get pregnant
-disagreed here and there
-shared no less than 3 million kisses
-redone the hair salon
- gone through at least a hundred cartons of RiceMilk (him)
-been pursued by many an MLM representative
-traveled to: atlanta, georgia; livermore, california; provo, utah; gilbert, arizona; west yellowstone, montana; cabo, mexico; oceanside, california...and everywhere in between
-sent off two missionaries: elder haynes & sister piazza (dave's brother/my best friend)
-grown daily in our love of the gospel, our love of life, and our love for each other

crazy to think that there's so many more of these ahead of us...
...i can't wait !!

david, you are without a doubt the love of my life, my best friend, and one of the strongest, most patient, kind, and loyal people i've ever known. i feel so blessed to be your wife. the last year wasn't always easy, but it was never boring and i never doubted my decision to marry you. you are patient with me at my worst, and celebrate with me at my best. i can't wait to graduate from college with you, to buy a house with you, to raise a family with you, to handle each and every day with you. you make me happier than i ever knew i could be. i couldn't do it with anyone else, and i love you.


  1. Where is the famous facebook, "LIKE" button when you need it! Congratulations, Brandilyn and David :]

  2. I love you both, Mr and Mrs Haynes. David is a wonderful addition to our family and his presence seems to have enhanced the quality of your life. Congratulations to you both. Oh, and the cake was delicious last night. Thank you for sharing your year old cake with us!


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