come on baby light my fire

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the worlds needs is more people who have come alive.” -Gil Bailie
my mom commented on a post i wrote a while ago about comic frenzy that i've been thinking about lately. she said: "It brings such joy into my life to see you realizing and experiencing the things that light you up i.e. David, horses, comic frenzy." and that made me happy, because how lucky am i to have not just one but multiple things that make me feel alive? and there's so many things that i haven't done yet, so there could be EVEN MORE things i enjoy! anyways, here's my list of things that light me up and make me feel alive, including the things my mom mentioned:
- david, of course.
- the GOSPEL ! it brings so much truth and beauty and purpose and joy into my life
- horses (the only thing i felt confident of during my middle- and high-school years)
- english. i realize it sounds weird that a well-written essay makes me feel alive, but different strokes for different folks, right?
- my friends. i don't have a whole bunch of friends, but the ones i do have, i trust completely and love unconditionally.
- comic frenzy (the newest addition)
- animals...and NOT just cats like you might think, i really do love animals in general { but especially cats :p }
- panache. sometimes i get frustrated and angry and just plain overwhelmed...but at the end of the day, we've worked HARD to get our little shop where it is today, and it's a huge source of pride and happiness for me. we've come a long way.

so there's my list. it grows and changes every day, but just know that my life is full of so much happiness that i think sometimes i may burst!

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