group mind

i had so much fun at comic frenzy last night!
when i made it into the group, i knew that i would have a lot of fun, but i never anticipated the way that it would get me through the weeks, or that it would honestly be the most fun i'd ever had in my life. i certainly didn't think that performing would bring me such a rush--i've certainly never been a theater person.  i also knew that i would make some friends, but i didn't expect the deep sense of belonging, almost family, that came from the group. my fellow cast members have proven to be kind, funny, and talented beyond belief. tonight we have our last two shows of the semester and i'm getting kind of sad thinking about never performing with this exact group of people again! i've had a wonderful semester and can't wait to see what tonight's shows bring.


  1. It was so fun to come watch you! We loved it!

  2. So we were driving to Walmart today and I saw a turquoise house in the neighborhood on our way there and totally thought of you!!!

  3. Princess, I'm so dog gone proud of you. It brings such joy into my life to see you realizing and experiencing the things that light you up i.e. David, horses, comic frenzy. I'm very bummed that I wasn't able to share this wonderful weekend with you. I love you.


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