ode to rach

this is rachel. 
she is honestly one of the most beautiful people i know.
rach and i met in a high school theater class. apparently i impressed her with an interpretive dance version of 'video killed the radio star'...and the rest is history.  rachel is one of the only people from high school that i still keep in touch with. she is down to earth, funny, and compassionate.  since graduating, she's has become a world traveler and goes on mission trips with her church all over the place. while i got married and have become progressively more boring, rachel is constantly growing and changing and finding new ways to help others. it is hard to be around her and not leave happier.
i guess all i'm trying to say is that my visit home was too short.
and i miss living close to rach. i miss her family and i miss eating in n out and talking for hours with her.
and i'm so excited to see her, very soon!!
side note: why am i the whitest person i know? geeeeez.
side side note: look closely in this picture and you will see courtney in the background with a cookie. LOL!

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  1. Bran i love you sooo much.

    p.s. you should feed court more, stop using food against her :)


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