oh my my my

our weekend was pretty excellent...full of things that i love!
saturday was a busy day at the store.
i went to my friend michelle's (from comic frenzy) bridal shower
& my friend carrie and i (also CF) were the only two that brought sexy gifts. awkward...
we had our last shows of the semester
&they were way way too much fun and i'm going to miss it.
today, rachel came to rexburg for a couple hours (!!
we played squabble, a version of scrabble that turned out to be very, very fun
&we just visited and laughed and snacked i love her.
oh, dave and i spoke in church today! about the pioneers. i think both of our talks went smoothly.
so now...now we embark on finals week.
i am finished with book of mormon, non-fiction, and comic frenzy :(,
leaving a french final (tue) and an english 252 final (wed). i can handle that.
and then we got o san diego....to see BOTH of our families! we are lucky people.

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