panache: "rexburg's best kept secret"

a lot of people that come into the store are surprised they didn't know it was here before, and i don't kow why, but they think it's some sort of "best kept secret" in rexburg, even though we try to advertise and get as many people in here as we can. because of this, when people bring friends in, they often act as a sort of "tour guide," showing them the ropes around their "discovery." it's gotten funny lately, though.
it all started when two girls came into the store. one had shopped here before, the other had not. the one who'd been in before was showing her friend around, but i don't know where she was getting some of her information. she said things like, 'everything you see in here is imported directly from southern california, that's why it's so cute' ...which is flattering, but not really true. while i was ringing her up, she asked who owned the store, and when i said i did she got kind of flustered and walked out fast. i told dave the story, then we laughed and brushed it off.
then, today, i got an email from one of my former roomates, a good friend of mine. she said the following:

this girl saw me wearing the shirt i bought from your store and she was like, "i almost got that shirt! yeah i love that store. i didnt know you knew where it was. Theres a trick to shopping there, you know - you have to know when all the stuff comes in. The owners special order from hong kong and they own a bunch of stores in san fran!" LOL and then i was like ... "oh actually the owner is my old roommate and thats her first store," AND THEN SHE GOT REALLY AWKWARD and walked away!

how funny is that? i'm so curious to know where people get this information, or if they're just making it up! everyone makes us look a lot cooler than we actually are, though, so i guess that's not bad. it'd be pretty awesome if we actually did own a couple stores in san francisco!


  1. haha that is awesome!! those are some good stories! you should go around to random people and ask questions about your store and see what they have to say, or "have heard" haha, good job on your store though!

  2. Found you! Sorry we missed you guys when you were in town. We have been crazy with baby #4. Let us know when you are back in town. You two look so happy and cute. I'll pass your blog onto Brad, he'll love to check it out.

  3. Hey, I love your store so much. The prices are so affordable and the clothes are so cute! I totally recommend all my friends there all the time but then afterwards, I secretly hope they don't go so that I can selfishly have all the good deals. Keep up the good work!


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