1. i made ginger cookies last night using this recipe, and they turned out really good! my only advice would be to mix the dough really well because i had a little more molasses at the bottom of the bowl that made some cookies near the end more...molass-y...david's loving them, though!
2. i found this raleigh ten-speed on craigslist for $10, and we might go look at it soon...what a killer deal! the ad said that it needs a few touch-ups, but i happen to know someone who's good with bikes and will fix it up for me if i make out with him (don't think i'm gross, it's my husband!).
3. thedailykitten.com is my new favorite website. every day they feature a new kitten! precious! someday i will be submitting pictures of my own darlings...hm.
4. i decided that i need to learn how to make fabric flowers to put on headbands, shirts, etc. and potentially sell them in the store. so far this tutorial is the most straight forward and easy to follow...we'll see, though!

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