our trip to oceanside thus far:
a trip to trader joes
(i've never accessed dairy free foods for my husband so easily!
oh, and lactaid doesn't work for him anymore...so we're really dairy free)
enjoying my momma's company <3
breakfast in bed for dave this morning
reading (the glass house)
*insanely* good food
the outlet mall (not as exciting as you may think)
a world market-esque place called boney's. but we call it boneyOs.

& my daddy gets here tomorrow!!

also, when the twins started arguing this afternoon, my mom had them hug each other until they were both laughing. genius.


  1. Ryan is lactose intolerant too and he just takes the pill with every meal. He says it "works" but I know the realllll truth.

  2. haha my dad use to make us hug when we fought to... it really does work wonders!


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