white lies

i know, I KNOW, the ten commandments. i know that i'm not supposed to covet.
but when i'm in the store all day, every day...and i'm just a-browsing the internet...
i find boots. and i love boots. and for some reason, i get this feeling like if i had the perfect pair of boots, i would instantly transform into this super hip, fashion-savvy trendsetter.
but this post isn't about boots. because today, david and i went into uptown bagel to get my free bagel (thanks, starving student card), and while we were getting back into the car...i saw a $50 bill! just sitting there!

crazy, right? because we have no idea where it came from...and i could put that moolah towards a decent pair of boots! but then reason (also sometimes named David) spoke up and said, "actually...we could really use that cash right now." and i said "okay, fine. you're so logical and smart and i just adore you." the conversation actually lasted longer than that, but we'll just say that was the gist of it.

but here is the real secret: i have a secret fund that i put small amounts of money into when i can sneak it away and i'm not actually saving for boots (even though i really do love boots)! i'm saving for david's birthday all the way in october! i don't know yet what i'm gonna do with it, but it'll be good!

moral of the story: i love boots. and i love $50. but i love david way, way more.


  1. You must be fashion savy! After all, you own a couple of stores in San Francisco! Maybe David has a secret fund too, just for you and your boots!

  2. I love those purple boots. *sigh.. wishful thinking*


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