as of late

other stuff that we've been up to this last week or so:
we loaded up the car with canoes rented from the ORC (BYUI's outdoor resource center) and went with our friend mike on a leisurly jaunt down a river. it was the perfect summer afternoon activity. right afterwards, we met our FHE family out at beaver dick park and had a little campfire with hot dogs & s'mores. such a fun day; i wish i'd taken more pictures of people instead of just my car.
on tuesday we went with our FHE family out to monkey rock. the water was freezing, but we still jumped off the top of the waterfall! we didn''t stay for too long because david started feeling sick but it was still fun to do something different.
on thursday, one of my best friends from high school was randomly in town for a couple of hours!! i got to spend quite a while just chatting and laughing and catching up with brittany. i can't believe it had been around 2 years since i'd seen her last. we laughed about stuff that i had completely forgotten about! it was so so so good to see her.
ps. what do you think of the new header?? i get bored with my blog so easily, i know i change it all the time.

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  1. Two things:

    Beaver Dick Park - Really?

    You would jump into freezing water off of a waterfall but wouldn't go into comfortable temp water in the ocean with your momma and husband? Hmmm. Where's the love?


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