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today was a monday, so it was excellent! i did our grocery shopping and then david and i drove down to pocatello to sell his bicycle and wet suit (he's done with ironmans for a couple years and wanted to sell his tri bike so he could get a road bike..to go on rides with me!) and to buy a chandelier we found on craigslist. it's for the huge window in the front of our store; we're going to hang it between the two mannequins. as you can see, it's a little vintage a totally rad:
i'm thinking about adding another strand of crystals to give it a little more bling...what do you think? on the way home (it's about an hour and fifteen each way) david showed me some dance moves from 'back in the day':
this picture doesn't do these sweet moves justice, so you'll have to take my word for it, they were awesome.  
we stopped at magic suds (the fancier version of the coin-op) on our way home to do a TON of laundry. that felt most excellent. then, david finished painting the ceiling in the store while i came upstairs to put the laundry away. and david doesn't know this yet because he's still down there...but i also did all the dishes, changed the sheets on our bed, took out the trash, and straightened up the whole apartment. because my man likes a clean apartment...and i like to surprise him with my domestic goddess status from time to time :)

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