botox II

an overdue update on the store's botoxing:
here you can see both our new black ceiling and the chalkboard we painted up high on the wall. so far i've just put tanning prices up there and the date our next shipment will be in...i'm sure it'll get more interesting with time.
we painted over the tanning rooms previous turquoise with a softer brown color, which i LOVE. i think the color looks lighter in this picture than it actually is, because it is a pretty dark brown. but it's soothing. i like it.
and (!!!) our chandelier all hung up in the front window! it was late at night when we got it done, so the picture's a little dark. we also swapped out the bright curtains in the windows for black ones. it's an overall softer, classier look. oh, and there's david lurking behind behind the display, too.

so there you have it! we're nearly done with the projects we started out the break wanting to do. pretty much all that's left is finding a new (CHEAP) couch, installing the track lighting, and finishing up some trim work.

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  1. i absolutely LOVE the chandelier!! very classy! I wish i could see it! I'm glad you're still having fun with it!! miss and love yoU!!


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