yesterday, david and i got serious about giving the store some summertime botox. we've been thinking it's about time for some updates. we started with the dressing rooms, which used to be painted a bright, bright blue. we made them boring (but neutral! classy!) white...
we got new mirrors to go inside them...much prettier mirrors.
i classed up our 'please don't shoplift' sign...which used to just be paper scotch taped to the wall. this new look is much better.
we hung up all of our posters along one wall, instead of spread out all over the store. now we have more room to hang clothes on the other walls!
and we painted the square behind the counter grey (we're going to be trimming the whole store in this same grey, but for now it's just up behind the counter), put up our proffesional-looking sign, and angled the counter to put more space out in the store.
we were here until 3 in the morning...and there's still so much we want to do, the biggest project being grey trim throughout the whole store. we also want to redo the lighting and get new seating for the area in front of the dressing rooms. this summer break between semesters will hopefully be the perfect time for updates!! i'm excited.


  1. Uh, it sounds like you will need LOTS and LOTS of help. I'll get my suitcase packed tonight and be on my way.

  2. More pictures with updates. A giant kitty poster would make the store more you, as well as a picture of my face hanging on the wall ;]

  3. That's so awesome! It looks great! I'm going to have to come by and check it out for myself! I'm glad you guys didnt decide to paint the "you know what," that would take for EVER.


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