cold hearted

yesterday, a young asian girl in a pink hat walked into the store.
i greeted her with my standard, 'hey, how's it going?'
her head whipped around in my direction, she grinned, and said loudly, 'oh, you so friendlay!'

then she came up to the counter. she told me that she's an exchange student and is traveling the United States on behalf of a children's camp that raises money for...something. to be honest, i didn't really catch the entire gist of what it was she did. at one point she reached up and pushed my hair away from my face, which was a little weird for me, but whatever.

finally, she pulled out a case and unzipped it so i could examine the bunches of beaded jewelry fastened inside. it was cute, not really my style, but i figured that if they were less than $5 or so i'd try to help her out.

she gestured proudly to the jewelry and said '30 for necklace, 25 bracelet, or 20 for earring! which one you buy?' i told her that, as a college student, i didn't quite have that in my budget (i mean, $30 feeds my husband and i for a week!). she shook her head, as if i might be dense and just didn't understand what she way saying. 'it's for children. which one you want?'
'i'm sorry,' i said, 'but really, i can't afford it! i would buy one if i could, i promise!'

her face fell. 'i see now you no helping children.' she slowly zipped up her case and started walking out of the store. i said, 'good luck! i really hope your jewelry sells well!' but she just shook her head shot me a dejected 'god bless' before leaving.

i think i might be a terrible person.

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  1. I don't think you're a terrible person - I would have done the same thing - I think.


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