the couch: a tale of men and destruction

when we decided the store's couches needed to be changed out, it seemed natural to take the old/plaid couches to the DI. however, on this couch's way out, it's hide-a-bed popped out. and wouldn't go back in. and the cushions sat on top of that bed. so, there wasn't a way to sit in the couch anymore, rendering the pea-green and yellow contraption useless. david saw this as an opputrunity to enlist the help of sam, a member of our FHE family, to destroy said couch. they started by dropping it off the balcony, and then finished it off by dropping a cinder block on it until it was in pieces small enough for the dumpster.


  1. Aren't you glad you got a picture of these stairs? They're gone now...

    And Sam had so much fun dropping the couch off the railing with Dave. Any time you need anything destroyed - just let Sam know.

  2. HAHA! yep, i'm going to miss those gorgeous, 'antique' stairs so much! i asked john (the new owner) if we were getting an elevator...but he just laughed so i'm taking that as a no.

    and we'll definitely let you know next time something needs destroying!!


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