i used to think i had pretty thick skin and i guess in some ways, i do; i handle criticism just fine. but i'm super non-confrontational and will do whatever it takes to avoid unpleasant/awkward situations--which usually means handing them off to david. he's tougher than i am.

a couple days ago, though, i had a work-related confrontation. and dave didn't let me toss this one over to him this time. that's right--i had to buck up and handle this one on my own. and i had to put my foot down and be firm and it kind of sucked...but it also felt kind of good. usually that stuff leaves me shaky and close to tears, but i just felt proud of myself for keeping my cool and sticking to my guns. so who knows, i may be growing up a little bit! and considering that we've owned the store for a year now...it was probably about time :)

in other news, i wrote my bestest friend in the whole world michelle (currently sister piazza) a letter on a roll of receipt paper, and it ended up being taller than i am! and i'm a tall girl!


  1. haha thats a funny letter Bran. So why isn't Michelle writing me back?? Seriously I haven't gotten one single letter.

  2. thats pretty amazing, not even going to lie!


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