for some reason, i have been SUPER cheerful these last 2 days. i'm just feeling good! i guess these 10 hour nights of sleep are just good for me :) these last few days, i've:
  • placed our order for part 1 of shade's fall line. it's really cute!
  • started a promotion with the Paul Mitchell Hair Academy and recieved an order of all-black clothes (their students have an all-black dress code, so we're trying to help 'em out)
  • gone to the temple with david <3
  • made an awesome batch of tuna--it was the only thing i wanted to eat last night!
  • watched the princess bride
  • rearranged the store a bit & changed out mannequins
  • surprised david with a red velvet cupcake and some lactose-free frozen yogurt :)
  • redecorated our apartment. i realized the other day that it's just sort of...dark. and the colors aren't very fun. and we are bright, fun people! so we got new curtains and couch pillows (both on clearance!), rearranged and tidied, and got some gospel-related artwork. we're just shopping for a new couch/couch cover to complete the transformation.

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