granola breath

TODAY...we got the cookbook VEGAN PLANET inside of our mailbox!

nothing--and i mean NOTHING--makes me happier than finding delicious recipes that my husband can eat.
the whole thing's vegan (read: no animal products, read: milk) so dave can pick ANY RECIPE he wants out of there!
this is almost unheard of in our home. yay!
also, someone (AND I WON'T SAY WHO. but it's not dave.) could use a diet with a little less crap in it ;)


  1. Yeah, someone else (and it's not Skip) could also use a bit of a diet. The scale was not a happy place to launch my feet last night. Not happy at all. :(

  2. Okay, I admit it. I could use it!

  3. Hey girl,

    Can you do me a favor? Can you give me the name of that French song you used on your apartment video? We want to use it for a video we are making of our trip to Europe.


    Shalynna (and David)


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