when i was dating david, i thought we had a lot of fun together. i really thought we had some good times. let me tell you, though: it was nothing compared to how much fun i've had with him in the year since our marriage. tonight especially, i don't think i've ever found anyone as hilarious as i've found him. for some reason everything is just cracking me up. tonight we sat in our living room, drank banana-chocolate shakes, and just laughed. stated simply: i love him.

store botox update: tonight we hung a chandelier, i painted some pillars grey, david painted a shelf black. we made some plans. it's going to blow your mind!

i'm getting fillings tomorrow morning :( wish me luck.


  1. Nacho once said... "when you are a man, sometime you wear stretchy pants...in your room...just for fun"

  2. Yeah Nacho! As Lily VonSchtuck once said, "It's twuuu, it's twuuu, it's twuuu!"


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