spray tanning

this afternoon, my relief society president called me.
the store was empty, so i answered.
it turned into a longer conversation than i anticipated, and a customer walked in. an older woman.
i was sort of in a tight spot, you know? i needed to get off the phone to help this customer, but...it was my relief society president. i can't just hang up on her like i do my mom (just kidding, mom). this lady seemed like she was content browsing for a few minutes, until she stomped up to the counter, glaring at me, and said loudly,
'EXCUSE ME. as a CUSTOMER, i have a question,
and i was hoping that you could be a good EMPLOYEE and just ANSWER it.'
i was mortified. she was pissed.
i usually pride myself on good customer service.
'do you do spray tanning?'
'i'm sorry, no we don't.'
and she stormed out.
yep, i was being rude. of course i was. it's completely uncalled for for an employee to be standing behind the counter and talking on the phone. lesson learned. no excuses from me.
so i cried, texted my mom and david, and blogged about it. it's just what i do.
i'll stop answering my phone, at any time, while the store's open.
oh, and my relief society president was calling to tell me to stop slacking on my visiting teaching. &so i double suck.


  1. Wow! It was one of those days. Those are my favorite, when no matter where you turn there is someone waiting to tell you what you are doing wrong! I hope tomorrow is better.


  2. I agree with Ashley, but then we can turn these rough days into glorious learning experiences and grow from them. Seems like you are on the right track. I applaud you! I'll stop calling you when you are at work. How about texting???

  3. hahah, customers suck!
    seriously. some people are so dramatic...don't even worry about that stupid lady. let her go spray tan elsewhere, you don't need her stupid attitude anyways.


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