today, while i was standing in wal-mart waiting for my two gallons of black paint (for the store's ceiling) to be mixed, i saw a very old man with just 3 teeth that i could see. he had on a baseball cap with ironed-on letters that proudly displayed his name: "CAJUN BOB." he was speaking loudly to the man walking next to him: "WANNA KNOW WHY I MARRIED A CAJUN WOMAN? CAUSE THEY CAN COOK! THOSE CAREEER WOMEN THESE DAYS CAN'T EVEN BOIL A POTTA WATER!" who knew?

today, i found a chandelier on craigslist that would look really fantastic in the store's front display window. i talked the girl down to $65--$65 for a chandelier! that's a steal! of course, my bargain-loving husband made a deal with me that we'd wait until monday to tell her we'd take it to see if anything cheaper came along--or to see if she'd call back and accept the $50 we originally offered her. either way...i think it'd look fantastic with our latest updates.

today, david painted the ceiling in our store black. it looks pretty cool.

and today, i will say again that i am crazy in love with my husband. i still get a little bit weak in the knees when he winks at me. today he made me laugh so hard my stomach started hurting. and he's tan with a 5 o'clock shadow and just...so handsome.


  1. I had to laugh when you said his name said Cajun Bob! He is the LOUDEST person I know!!!! He used to run a pool table joint here in town and Josh and I went in there once with another couple and he WAY overcharged us and then talked to us the WHOLE time we were trying to play and even interrupted our game to show us how it was done a few times. We never went back. He had a lot of stories and we felt bad for him in some ways but he was also rude! He saw I was pregnant at the time and decided to voice his opinion out of no where

  2. I have had my share of experiences with Cajun Bob... THE GENERAL ATORITIES SAY NO CREDIT CARDS!!!
    ...Enough said!


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