cats = good things

THIS...is a bracelet with a cat on it!
my mom got it in costa rica (right, mom? costa rica?) and she got to pick out the beads that would go on it.
i admired it in mexico and she took it off right away and gave it to me.
my mom just does stuff like that, even though i protest and tell her to keep her jewelry.
i wear it pretty often now, and especially when i need luck or a self-esteem boost or something.
it reminds me that no matter how bad i screw something up, my mom is ALWAYS on my team.
today i'm wearing it for a few reasons:
1.) my mom's on my mind today (see yesterday's post) and i like to think she feels my love when i wear it even though i'm a few states away (TEXT MESSAGE CONFIRMATION: SHE HAS FELT MY LOVE!!),
2.) the store could use a good day, and
3.) i have comic frenzy try outs this evening.
plus...i really love cats and wooden jewelry. i know it's a silly little material thing, but...the bracelet makes me happy.

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  1. Yup, it came from Costa Rica. I'm so glad you wear it cuz it's majorly cool! Just like you, my dear. Thank you for all of your good vibes today. I'm doing so much better and the more minutes that tick away, the more accepting of the situation I am becoming. I'm already making plans for the room! Robbie is gonna move in it, we are gong to paint it, I'm moving into Robbie's room (office and spare bed for when my hunky man has a snoring attack) and I'm getting optimistic about things. I love you, baby girl. You are such a bright spot in my life!


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