drumroll, please

well, my big news--

i got invited to join a semi-professional improv group based here in rexburg ! ! (insert me almost wetting my pants in excitement...literally)

it's called the humors

the artistic director is the same guy that taught comic frenzy last semester and the members are made up of a few comic frenzy veterans--i'm definitely the newest to both improv and theater. i'm super excited to say the least--and a little intimidated--to be working with this group but it's going to be incredible FUN and an amazing LEARNING experience. my fellow cast members are intelligent, kind, and of course hilarious. i'm excited to get to know each of them better and to learn and grow together.

we had our first rehearsal tonight and it was just...amazing. 
fun and comfortable and a promising start.
wish me luck!

ok and ps: how come every time i say i have good news the first thing people assume is that i'm pregnant? aren't there good things that can happen to a married woman aside from a baby? seriously. come on now.


  1. To be honest...I thought it would be a prego post. BUT I agree...there are exciting things other than being prego that happen while being married. Congrats!!

  2. I'm so excited for you! Let us know when your shows are and we'll try to come!!!


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