Interaction #1:
she walks into the store and says, "i bought a skirt here, wore it a few times, and when i pulled it out of the washer for the first time there were two huge holes in the front. i was wondering if i could return it.." i'm ebarrassed. i tell her to, please, bring it back. she does, and there are indeed two big holes along the seams in the front. i look at the tag and it says, 'HAND WASH ONLY. HANG DRY.' hm..that't not the store's fault. i point that out to her and she looks at me blankly. "it says here to not put the skirt in the washing machine..." she gets angry. i swap out her skirt against my better judgement, cause i hate angry people and can't say no and i'm a doormat sometimes. she walks out unhappy (even though she got her way).

Interaction #2:
she walks into the store with headphones on. i greet her. she ignores me and walks out.

Interaction #3:
she walks into the store, picks out a pair of grey leggings, and tries them on. she comes to the counter and says, "can i return these if they don't work out?" i point her to our return policy. she tosses the leggings down on the counter and walks out.

sometimes i don't think i can win.

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  1. Dealing with the public as your profession is VERY, VERY unpleasant...that's when you find out how many idiots are out there...


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