i had a series or really horrible dreams last night, so when i woke up i shamelessly asked my husband to come back to bed and tell me how much he loves me. pathetic.
but i'm so grateful he did :)

also, my little puppy man pierre (who lives in california with my parents) got attacked by a coyote yesterday! he stayed at the hospital overnight getting sewn back together. my mom also spent a good portion of her night at the hospital getting rabies shots...i do miss life in the country! thankfully, both my mom and my mutt are expected to have a full recovery.  you can read the full account of what happened on my mom's blog by clicking here.

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  1. i read that story and wanted to cry! how horrible, but you mom was so heroic at the same time, i was like woah you go jodi! (i really got into the story) haha! sorry to hear though, and i hope both of them get well soon!


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