it doesn't grow on trees

as much as i'm a horse back riding, english-loving kind of woman...my husband is a dirt bike, motorcycle man. he sold his last dirt bike a couple months before the mission and has wanted one ever since. well, his wife must really love him because yesterday he bought this little gem and spent his evening fixing it up:
meanwhile, i made him a home office in our bedroom so that he wouldn't have to work at our kitchen table anymore. in doing this, though, i realized that the table we have is a.) just too big for our little apartment and b.) we don't have chairs for it. we've been eating dinners on the couch with our plates in our laps for the last 7 months. so now...we have a big, beautiful, white kitchen table for sale! and i'm on the hunt for a bargain of a 5 piece of set. like this beauty, found in our local wal-mart:

and, just because i'm me and i spend my day near a computer, i'm totally digging these boots lately. they'd be perfect for rexburg winters! waterproof, and cozy when paired with woolen socks. mmm.

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  1. 3 years ago I would have bet $1M that there wasn't a snowball's chance in heck that you would put a pair of these on your feet. Good thing I didn't bet my $$


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