le week-end extraordinaire

this weekend was eventful!
my mom came to town (with my little brother brian, but i only saw him for about 20 minutes total)! 
we took a lesson together (horses), she came to the Humors first show, we went early-morning shopping at Target, did foot-zoning things, threw a birthday party for chad, and hung out with the Rowes.
me with brooke + heather at the craze. my attention's on the 'deal or no deal' arcade game, which i'm now a little obsessed with.
dave and nick, doing husband/arcade things...
we ended the weekend with church, where a man in my ward answered the question, "what good qualities does your wife bring to your marriage?" by brilliantly saying, "she's REALLY good at backing down and compromising what she wants, so we can both be happier." 

overall, it was an amazing weekend. i'm sad it's over and i'm back to reality today.

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  1. when I can sit back and say, "dang, I had a good time!" I know that it was all worth it. I have to rest up cuz I'm turning around and coming right back up!


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