my new 'do

growing up, whenever i got a new hair cut or color or something, i would ask my mom what she thought of it.
and she would always say, "your new 'do...looks like doo doo!"
well, i got my hair done yesterday! i'm very excited. i like it.
and now i'm just waiting to hear my mom say it...
so i can whine, like i always have, "noooooo, mom, what do you really think??"
and she'll say, "it's different. i have to get used to it..."


  1. Wow! Your new doo looks like doo-doo! Really, though, it's different but I think I can get used to it.

    I love you the mostest my beautiful princess! I sooooo miss you like crazy and can't wait till the last weekend of September!

    Waaaaah Whooooooo!


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