the prime of our life

11 miscellaneous facts you may or may not already know about the haynes:
1. david is obsessed with the 'pop! goes my heart' song from the movie 'music & lyrics.' he looks it up on youtube every day to listen to it.
2. we are { still } adoring fans of henry weinhardts bottled root beer...and now the black cherry soda, too. makes us feel fancy.
3. some mornings we snuggle until 9:00. i'm serious. it's a problem...but not really, cause david's super cute in the morning and i know that one day i'll miss this.
4. i've started cleaning house. for reals. it's nice.
5. but not doing dishes; david and i have a deal that every dish he does is a time he won't have to change a diaper when we have kids. he has some phobia of dirty diapers { kristie, ashley, or candy -- daddy jack is to blame for that one }. so he does most of the dishes. some day i might regret this...
6. we make a meal plan every week and we're trying to stick to it. we do pretty good.
7. comic frenzy and the humors keep me busy with improv, but it's amazing fun and i learn new things about myself and the world around me at every rehearsal.
8. we miss our families. we are excited to spend thanksgiving in california and christmas in georgia.
9. david got an internship for next semester! he'll be working at smith, kunz. it's an accounting firm across the street and i'm really proud of him.
10. our little clothing store is kicking butt this semester and we're really grateful for that..
11. we are crazy about each other. but you probably already knew that.

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