super wal mart

okay so THE TABLE.

haynes + rowes go to idaho falls to drop the rowes subaru off for some new tires, etc.
and we go into super wal mart, and see this cute little table.
the tag beneath it says $119. that's a sweet deal, cause it's solid wood, right?
plus the other one i liked was around $260.
so we get an associate to load it up onto a cart and roll it on up to the cash register.
they ring up up and it comes to like $240.
and david says, "Wait..wasn't this table $119?"
and i said, "yep."
so they call the manager over, and her and david walk over to where the table was displayed. and sure enough, the little tag on the shelf says $119.

and the manager says that it was supposed to be marked $220.
but that since the shelf was marked wrong, we can have it for $119.
the wood matches our apartment *perfectly*

that's the 2nd great deal we've gotten this week (the first being the $60 couch, see below)!!

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