5 more miles and then you get a luna bar

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today's agenda included but was not limited to:

a snowy morning
eggo waffles in bed
my big fat yellow scarf
alpha graphics
horkley's (gas)
cocoa bean (mexi hot cocoa)
idaho falls with brooke
cosmo prof (beauty supply)
lily's consignments
music store
schlotzsky's (dee-licious)
target ( ♥ )
back to rexburg
birthday present wrapping
grilled cheese.

i got an adorable, $12, red, lots-of-buttons sweater & $3 sunglasses.
i finished david's birthday shopping.
i really enjoyed brookes company...
and i'm totally wiped out.

now i'm going to have a grilled cheese sandwich and watch nacho libre or friends.
my apartment is warm and i have missed my husband.
and i think that's a pretty good way to end a pretty good day.

(that rhymed; unintentional)

((hot rod quote; intentional))

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  1. what a great day.
    still really enjoy your blog :)


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