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my media update:

500 days of summer finally came to the cheap theater here in rexburg, so we got taco bus and saw it tonight. overall, i really liked it and would see it again although i really didn't enjoy zooey deschanel's character. i loved the ending though, i really did, and of course her clothes were fantastic. joseph gordon levitt was just adorable, too--i had the biggest crush on him when 10 things i hate about you came out! he's cute but, you know, no david haynes ;)

i finally downloaded two songs that were way overdue tonight--sweet caroline (inspired by the latest episode of glee, although i did stick to the neil diamond version) and us by regina spektor (inspired by 500 days). regina spektor has my heart--her voice knocks me flat every time. i love having new music for the store.

and...i'm on a friends kick again. i get on these every now and then--i have all of the seasons on DVD and they really just don't get old for me.

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  1. is it the taco bus by walmart or the one by the round-about? Both frighten me. Seriously. Hello food poisoning!!! But I haven't seen that movie! Maybe we'll have to see it.


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