garlic, please

i received a shipment of clothing for the store today.
i was pretty excited, because there were some really cute fall pieces in there and, as rexburg's getting colder, people are wanting warmer, winter clothing.

i sliced the tape off the box and ripped it open excitedly...only to be hit with a wave of garlic smell. yep, you read that right. the shipment reeked of garlic. great on chicken; not so hot on adorable brown button-up tweed jackets.

i handled the situation with grace and poise, shrieking "WHAT THE CRAP!" and jumping back. david suggested that i call the supplier. they said, "ooh, hmm. that's embarrassing" (um, embarrassing for you? i'm the one whose store smells like a spice rack!) is the box wet? maybe UPS dropped it..." i said, "nope, the box looks fine, it was as soon as i took the plastic wrap of the clothes that it started stinking." "oh. are you trying to return the shipment or something?" i hesitated. "umm...i guess not...i thought i'd just let you know." "okay! thanks for calling!" *click*

the rack of clothes is currently back in the salon with 2 fans on it. the clothes themselves are actually starting to smell a lot better, but somehow now the salon and back of the store smell strongly of garlic.

my main question: how? just...how? perhaps someone who works there ate a supremely garlicky lunch right next to a rack of clothes about to be wrapped and shipped out. maybe it was an air freshener they started using in their warehouse.

either way, it's making me hungry.


  1. Funny that you mention that... I was always amused by the smells that would come from the clothing from our shipments when we were in Cayman. I would get huge shipments every week, and when we opened them I found they had all kinds of flavors, like, glue, crab, fish, paint, burned hair, etc. It was always fun trying to guess what the smell was.

    Conclusion: Smelly factories must just be part of the textile industry.

  2. Wearhouse distribustion centers are filled with minimum wage workers eating whatever and usually where ever they can sneak in a break or two among the shelves of stock. I used to be a Distribution manager and it was really pathetic the things that would go on with packing someones order. I can only imagine what you'd find from venders shipping from outside the US. We used to call our orders from China anthrax dust because for some reason our containers were always filled with 2 years worht of dust it seemed and we would all get sick after. blah!!


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