i love sunday

sometimes, david and i facebook chat while we're in the same room. in these situations, i think it's really funny to actually laugh out loud and then send him an 'lol' message. i crack myself up.

i love our lazy sundays.
i love dressing up for church, and then coming home and putting on sweats for the rest of the day.
i love crawling into bed at 1:00 for an afternoon nap.
i love making dinner and having actual family to share it with.
i love the phone calls home.
i love watching david catch up on homework (he's so cute when he's concentrating!).
i love not being in the store.
i love smelling my scentsy burner thing all afternoon.
i love making a meal plan and a grocery shopping list for the week.
i love finding cute pugs on craigslist and telling myself that maybe, just maybe, our landlord would let us get a store pup.

i love, i love, i love.
i love david. i love his silliness and his sneezes. love his kisses. love him.

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