not havanas or bananas or dacquiris

the other night, i gave david a private performance.
it was my own dance interpretation of jimmy buffett's 'cheeseburger in paradise.'
and i rocked it.
then, today, i found out my neck is 11.75 inches around, while brookes' is a mere 11.5.

i had an awkward encounter this morning and a bowl of clam chowder for lunch. oh, and the zipper on my favorite pair of boots completely broke. all i have are flats, and i'ts freezing cold. so i've decided to wear my slippers at work. people only really see me from the waist up behind the counter, right??

i feel like this post should be more interesting, but i'm telling you the honest truth about my life right now. the humors have an upcoming performance: october 10, 7 pm, rigby high school...and i think that's pretty cool

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