if now and then you can bend it's okay to lean over, lean over my way. you fear that you can't do it all and you're right, even diligent day takes relief every night.

this weekend was overwhelming, it really was.

despite all of the tough emotional stuff though, i've gotten to see my family and had an incredibly fun time with my mom. we laughed and shopped (candy corn socks + ridiculous/amazing boots) and made an AMAZING vegan dinner for us + the rowes. blogs were made fancy (do you like my new look?). david's birthday is coming up and this weekend will be fun and i'm excited to spend time with my little brother now that he's moved up here. shade's fall 2 stuff just came in today and it's amazingly cute. i am optimistic that everything is going to be juuust fine.

my mom and i went to nature's nook (rexburg's health food store) and found not only tofutti sour cream and cream cheese for david, but information about cheap yoga classes--get this--in rexburg. we plan to attend tomorrow and are enthusiastic about carrying on our tradition of doing yoga whenever we're in the same town together (in addition to when we are apart, too).

when david sneezes, he does this thing where he goes 'a-CHOO-whoo! whoo!' and it makes me laugh every time.

i did not shower today.


  1. Just so you know, I really like the new title of your blog. Like, really. Also, I think it would be a good idea if we became yoga buddies seeing as I have a yoga mat and drink herbal tea.

  2. This is Carrie, by the way. And for some reason, your blog is choosing to call me "anonymous"

  3. Lol! Carrie! Yoga was pretty ok. Really a mellow class but perfect for my "hippie daughter" who hasn't been practicing for awhile. I think there is a promise that it does intensify somewhat here and there. Hope I get to see you at class on Thursday morning, girl!


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