roo ROO roo

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when i was really little (like, 3 or 4 or something), i remember my dad walking through the side gate into our backyard one day...with a dog. this was back before we became country folk, and Boomer was our first pet. he became my mom's best running partner and we all loved and doted on him. he moved out into the country with us and even tolerated all the obnoxious "other" dogs we'd bring home. he got hard of hearing and really arthritic in his old age, and eventually passed away peacefully in his sleep one day a few years ago. we miss him.

the point of my story, though, is this song my mom used to sing while she was scooping Boomer's dry food into his doggy dish. it would go, "boom booom boom, dang-a-dang-dang, ding a dong ding a dong roo ROO roooo" and at the end Boomer would get totally excited and start jumping around and singing with her. you have to imagine the song being sung really loud and fast...

i had forgotten about that until i randomly sang it to david last night and we both burst out laughing and didn't stop for quite some time.

oh, and picture isn't Boomer. i couldn't find one of him, but i thought that one was funny.


  1. Shame on you spilling family secrets and making me look silly . . . oh never mind, I think I take care of that all by myself! Lol. I sure do miss that dog. He was the best dog I ever had!

  2. Consider yourself blog-stalked. You are now on my blog-roll. And also, this entry is blog-awesome.


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