the roof, the roof: my life as a soap opera

i've been hearing construction going on upstairs from the store all week. at times, it's sounded like the ceiling was about to fall in. i kept directing these hugely traumatic scenes in my head about the roof crashing in and destroying...well, my life, basically. everything i've worked so hard for...it was all very dramatic.
yesterday while brooke and i were rearranging the store, a drop of water fell on my arm.
i looked at it for a second...
and then burst into tears. just kidding.
really though, i looked up and noticed a sag in the ceiling. it looked pregnant. i looked down and saw a puddle on our carpet. david was on a business call and gave me a "not now" gesture. our landlord didn't answer his phone. my daddy didn't answer his phone (i don't know what he would have done from california, but he always does seem to have answers in these situations).
what was i supposed to do?
i moved our precious inventory away from the "danger zone"...and that was about it.
when david went down later to "assess the situation," the ceiling tile had fallen through (see above photo). our landlord came down to check it out and they put a bucket underneath the drippage (technical term, really) and left it for the night.
and now the ceiling in my beloved store looks sad. it cries dirty brown tears.
it says to me, "how could you have let this happen??"
and then i sob. i shake my fist at the sky and say, "why? why me?"
and then i come back inside, watch an episode of Glee on hulu, and wait for one of the men to come fix it.


  1. Thursdays are the best days because thats the day glee comes out on Hulu! I think it's way funny, especially since I was in the show choir in highschool and the things that happen on glee are so true! lol. Sorry about your roof :(

  2. You could have called Mommy. She always knows what to say to make every situation more manageable.


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