shout hooray!

today (drumroll, please)....

david turns 25!

one thing you should know right now about david is that he LOVES his birthday.
he actively looks forward to it all year.

i surprised him this morning with the news that i'm taking him to west yellowstone this weekend for a little birthday getaway, so that was really exciting--plus i've been keeping this trip a secret for a couple months now and it's been killing me!
he also got mail from his parents today that had the most beautiful card, hilarious pictures of him growing up, and a sweet letter about the day he was born.

he's got presents wrapped and sitting on the kitchen table, waiting for him to open (hint: one of them has a kitten inside!) ((just kidding)) and we're going out to dinner tonight. there's also a red velvet cake sitting in the fridge (unfortunately, not his grandmama's recipe :( i couldn't figure out how to make it dairy-free). i'm hoping it'll shape up to be an awesome day for him. he deserves it.

i love my husband and feel so lucky that he chose me to spend eternity with.
happy birthday, honey!
i firmly and truly believe that you're the best :)

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