winter morning

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this morning found me oh-so-reluctant to get out of bed.
it's not that i was sleepy; i've gotten 8+ hours every night lately.
it's just that it's getting colder outside, the sharp kind of cold that stings your lungs if you inhale too quickly. it's cold that makes my fingers and wrists ache a little, and necessitates hugging my little portable heater for the seven hours a day i'm monitoring the store.
this cold finds me unmotivated to even go to comic frenzy (even though i wouldn't miss a humors rehearsal for the world), previously my favorite class ever. i am unmotivated to shower, because even though i am warm then for a couple minutes, it means i will eventually have to get out...and that's torture.
it sparks desire in me to do things, but they are not things like being in the store or cleaning my chilly apartment.
they are things like making miniature carrot cupcakes, huddling in my bed and watching glee while they cook, or wrapping my legs around davids under a blanket on the couch, or doing laundry and folding the warm clothes. i want to wear thick mountain man socks all the time, okay?
unfortunately, i do have to work. and go to class. and i only have 2 pairs of thick mountain man socks.
but maybe i'll make the cupcakes tonight...and there will always be the snuggling with david.


  1. I'm freezing too! I can't wait till they turn on the heat in this building!


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