california! california! the hills send back the cry, you gotta do or die!

i haven't blogged in a week! i'm sorry! i've missed my little space here.

well, we went to california. we took our married bffs the rowes with us and had an unbelievable good time. i didn't take many pictures...actually, i only took a few. but i promise many good things happened.

drove 13-14 hours each way
had a birthday dinner for nick (YUM)
hot tubbed
four wheeled
rode horses (at home & at windmill)
shopped (x3)
visited the city { which included:
visiting my dad's work
delicious lunch
fisherman's wharf
pier 39 
powell }
did 2.5 hour yoga workshops thu, fri, & sat mornings (HEAVEN)
threw a surprise birthday party for brian
dirt biked
made a fondant cake (my first! brooke taught me!)
saw the blind side 
cleaned out the workshop
surprised my dad with a ping pong table
shot some guns
saw new moon (in a impulsive, split-second female decision)
baked allll day thursday
heard courtney tattle on jake 10-12 times...a day
watched the christmas story
ate in n out
tried to watch notting hill 2 different times but kept falling asleep
saw some extended family
saw rachel
snuggled with some kitties 
admired my beautiful niece
took family pictures
got seriously emotional about leaving (that was actually just me)
saw insanely cute puppies at a gas station on the way home

we are glad to be back in our apartment in rexburg, even though it's getting cold and it's back to reality with david's school work and my store work.  we're getting excited to go to georgia for christmas and i am trying to get into the christmas spirit! i hung lights in our windows and even decorated a wreath for the front door.

THIS JUST IN: david's oldest sister ashley just had their third baby!!
congratulations, tremblays!! we can't wait to meet the newest little one!!!

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