conferences and puppies


(that's a noise my grandpa clark makes when he yawns, it's sort of like a tarzan yell. i put it in there because i'm just waking up from sunday nap)

we had stake conference today and it was really, really great.  every single one of the talks applied to my life somehow and i'm so happy we had the chance to go.

we've reached a decision about our store pup that i'm so excited about!
pierre, my little dog from home in california, is going to drive up with my mom tomorrow and come to live with us for a little bit to see how it goes!!  i love little pierre and i'm hoping that he enjoys idaho and panache life, far away from california coyotes (you can read about pierre's recent encounter with a coyote on my mom's blog here and see pictures here).  i'm only worried that my mom and madison (pierre's best dog friend) will miss him too much.  my landlord was so nice about letting me get a store friend, though.  i'm very grateful.
pictures to come!

we also watched home alone (the first one) with nick & brooke this weekend, and these guys:
inspired me to do this:
to my gloves, which has turned out to be SO convenient as the heat in our apartments isn't on (what's that? isn't it 25 degrees outside? oh. yeah. it is.) and having fingerless gloves gives me the warmth of gloves...while still allowing me to type, text, sew, cook...you know, sunday night things. so thanks, bad guys in home alone.

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