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i haven't been feeling too hot lately (it's not the swine flu! it's NOT!), so i had a very lazy sunday and monday. i've had a sore throat, headache, and (the worst part) fatigue. i'm always tired--david thinks it's an iron deficiency--so being even more so is killing me. i skipped out on FHE on account of not wanting to get the babies sick, skipped out on working out with brooke last night (okay, we actually just forgot), and am skipping out on my lesson tonight, although i swapped that to thursday.
i'm ready to start feeling better soon and to stop missing things i enjoy!
my plan of attack:
1.) i'm determined to drink this entire gallon of distilled water today even if it kills me. i've got it in my brain that an empty gallon of water = healthy brandilyn
2.) write a letter to michelle...cause i love her and thinking about her makes me real smiley
3.) sell lots of clothes
4.) have a big fat salad for dinner
5.) maybe do a light work out tonight
6.) go to bed early

ready, set, GO!

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  1. Feel better soon! I HATE being sick. I'm really weird about medication also. I feel like orange juice and sleeping are the only remedy for a cold. Exercising would never, ever be part of that remedy!


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