higher education

i mentioned earlier that { 2 years into my eduaction } i've finally declared a minor: organizational communication

i also recently signed up for my winter 2010 classes:

COMM 102: Public Speaking
COMM 150: Interpersonal Communication
FDREL 324: Doctrine & Covenants
ENG 314: Advanced Research & Literary Analysis

things i'm excited about next semester:
1. getting started on my minor
2. seeing all those classes on my GRAD report switch from "take 6 credits from the following blah blah" to "completed
3. embarking on my JUNIOR year (!!). this feels weird because it seems high school graduation really wasn't too long ago
4. continuing my education; i love my major & i love byui

things i'm not excited about
1. only taking
12 credits - LAME! i had to be done by 11:30 every day to open the store as david won't be able to help out because of his internship with an accounting firm here on main street. i'm still trying to work an evening/online class or something into my schedule
2. only taking one english class : (
3. giving my evenings to homework/studying instead of glee, riding, & hanging out with david
it'll be a good, fairy easy semester. i've been loving where we're at in our lives right now--going to school, running the store, & living the gospel. we're happy and our lives are simple.
and i've got a snoring pierre on my lap right now :)


  1. Hey.. so just to let you know.. My mom loves reading your blog. She says you remind her of me... haha.
    and i guess since i dont post that often my mom just reads yours haha. Shes a big fan.
    Anywho. Im taking Comm 150 next semester too.. when are you taking it?

  2. Dude, Brandilyn. Our schedules are so similar this next semester. I too am taking Eng 314 (from Bro. Samuelson, MWF 10:15), D&C (Bro. Allison, TTh 9:45), and Comm 150 (Bro. Embree, MWF 11:30)! I really hope that we're in all of those classes together, because I like having you in my life more.


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