i smell

last night, david and i were both laying in our bed on our computers. david put one hand out, palm up, and pushed the air from my side of my bed towards his own face.

"you smell weird."

he repeated it on the other side and said, "yep. the smell is definitely you. you stink."

thanks, honey.
that's the price you pay for encouraging your wife to "pursue hobbies," when you know that one of said hobbies is horse back riding.

i had a fantastic ride last night. my knees are aching, my inner thighs are sore, and my back is tired.
but my head is containing a happy brain today.
today, i took a break from the store to go upstairs and make this for david. clever, right?

and if this isn't the cutest thing you've seen all day, then...well, you have no heart. i love twitchy, snoring, sleeping pierre.


  1. Ah, I love him too! How cute is that? Oh, and by the way, you DO NOT stink! You smell fabulous if you smell like horsey sweat. One of the bestest odors in the whole wide wonderful world!

  2. You named your dog Pierre? You are sooooo cute.

    We are going to Sacramento for California, where are you guys going? We would LOVE to see you. We have honestly been wanting to come up to Idaho, but never got around to it this semester (I still want to go to Clean Flix up there :).

    Let me know when you guys are going and where. It would be great to plan something. We leave UT on Tuesday and we'll come back the next Saturday or Sunday. David would be so excited if this all worked out!

  3. I'm so glad to see Pierre all healed up. The last photo I saw of him, was on your mom's blog and it wasn't pretty. I couldn't believe he survived the coyote!

  4. Pierre looks like he will fit right in with Kaylie! This is great news!! I will have Kaylie all ready for you to take back to Idaho with you. :)



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