since my dear ofum (that means mom) arrived last night:
talking talking talking
sleeping in
deseret book store
feeling sorry for poor pierre, who gets terrified every time she leaves the room :(
laughing when val (one of our hair stylists) brought her 2 dachshunds in to play with pierre and they started sprinting all over the store
pita pit + izze
online shopping for iPhone cases

it's so good to have her here..

pierre likes idaho all right, but he doesn't like being in a room without my mom.

this is making us reasses pierre being the new store pup--i don't have the heart to be the bad guy who makes him this sad :(

also, my aunt in washington state knows someone who has a pug they're trying to rehome.
he might be a better (happier) match for the store than poor, scared little pierre.

we'll see!!

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