please please please

it is no mystery to those who know me that i obsess over animals.

repeat: brandilyn obsesses over animals. over and out.

i grew up surrounded by them. i rode horses every day, had dogs following me every time i stepped outside our house, and i never slept a night without patches curled up next to me (drooling on my arm).
my move to rexburg has been hard.
our apartment doesn't allow pets, so i've had to get my animal fill by posting weird cat pictures along with every blog post i do (to those of you who read, i am sorry), and i have to go out to parkwood to ride and to love on the 10,000 dogs running around out there.

well, we got a new landlord. really nice guy.
i called him last night and asked if i could get a store dog. because, according to david, "doesn't hurt to ask."
my thinking is that the dog will stay in the store, as we signed a contract for our apartment that said we understood the "no pet" rule.
i signed no such thing for the store, though. scouts honor.
he laughed, and then said he'd never really thought about it...and didn't think he really cared either way...and that he'd check with his wife and get back to me.

so now i am waiting to hear back from him.
part of me really-kind of-maybe thinks he'll say yes!
i'll keep you updated :)


  1. This is the best news I have heard all day! I have 2 wonderful golden retrievers that would be perfect!! Kaylie sits around and does nothing until food hits the ground and she quickly cleans it up for you. Maggie will help keep you moving with her unrelenting desire to "retrieve" tennis balls...go figure. Just let me know when you get the OK and I will have them ready with food!!


  2. YAY!!! I hope they say yes too!!!!

  3. Good luck! I too, have been bitten by the overwhelming desire to get a puppy - I've never had a dog before! We're picking up our little samoyed puppy in a few weeks when she's old enough to leave her mom.

  4. you will sleep in the store with your beloved pup if they say yes! haha

  5. Ashley-- LOL!! Don't tempt me, I really might take one of your dogs away and I don't think your kids would ever forgive me!

    Laurie-- You HAVE to post pictures on your blog of your new puppy; I'll bet your kids are so so excited right now. I would be!

    Casey--seriously though...I would do it. hahaha

  6. Are you kidding? My kids would not mind at all! Right now Kaylie is on "vacation" at the in-laws house.



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