sometimes i'm a doormat. it's hard for me to say "no" when i feel like someone expects something from me, even if i know "yes" just isn't a logical answer.

it's hard for me to stand up to people, even if i know they're being unreasonable.
{ i'm a people-pleaser. }

i have a sweet tooth...and a carb tooth.

i often make plans to go work out and then don't go because i'd rather stay home and watch arrested development.

i'm sarcastic. i judge people too quickly. i get angry, irritated, and upset kind of fast.
i used to think i had really thick skin, but lately things have been hurting my feelings waayyy more than they should.

i have faults...lots of them. and i'm trying to do better!

i am me...

and i'm also a great wife.
i cook a mean taco soup...
i'm great at my job. and i've got a big ol' soft spot for animals.

 tonight i'm just kind of happy to be where i am.


  1. i think you're cool :) and i'm glad you're happy
    fight the hard fight!

  2. and I love you just the way you are. You are my hero!


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