when it's cold outside, i've got the month of may

the heater's not working in the store again,
i didn't eat breakfast (my own fault),
and the one nice person that came through my store this morning made me feel so grateful that i almost started crying.
the first and only person who's smiled at me today = just made me so happy.

hey, mr. landlord!
it's days like today that a cheerful puppy would really make all the difference...hint, hint : )

because it's healthy to remind myself that life really doesn't suck...
my list of things i am looking forward to:

seeing my mom next week
reheating last nights' pizza
riding on tuesday
thanksgiving in california
christmas in georgia
humors rehearsal
new shipments coming in next week
cooking for david tomorrow (meat pies + mexican rice)
renting home alone
being warm again...someday...

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