whoop whoop!!

okay, i am FREAKING OUT! so many good/random things happening today!

let me back up. i arose this morning, thinking a totally average (if not moderately boring) day was ahead of me. how wrong i was. (dun dun dun....)

while in the shower, i heard a knock at the door. a few minutes later, david walked into the bathroom and said "it's a package...for you! from your mom!" huh? i figured i must have asked her to mail me a shirt i forgot at home, or some lavendar, or something very pracitcal. when i opened the box, though...it was anything but pracitcal! it was fun! it was...peanut butter filled pretzels and 2 calvin and hobbes books that my little brother had stolen from me!! and a TWENTY DOLLAR BILL! I WAS SO EXCITED!! $20 means a date night this weekend!! i'm using too many exclamation points!! THANK YOU OFUM!

then, i put on one of my husband's shirts (sometimes it's just a day where i want to wear david's shirt) and came down to the store. i saw a really cute entry mat DIY project on-line, and the picture had a girl wearing red TOM shoes. i thought they were so cute! i headed over to their website to check out how much a pair like that would set me back, and found these beauties instead:

TOMs makes LACE-UPS?! SINCE WHEN?? i'm kind of thrilled about that! i don't know if i'll be getting them anytime soon (they're a cool $67..ouch), but it's nice to know the option is out there. i love Love LOVE them.

and then, finally, i went to one of our discount supplier's websites, and found an item that i had seen on a different (more expensive) wholesale site. i'd really liked it, but decided that for the price, we could get something a little more exciting for the store. today, though, i found it for a mere THIRD of the price from the original website!

i don't know why i love it so much (it's so basic), but i just do. i ordered it in TWO colors and they're on their way as we speak. i love my job. it's just been a really excellent morning...and my blue boots are coming in the mail tomorrow!


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  2. Yay, yay, yay! I'm so glad your day is happy. Let me know how that date night goes. I love you to pieces, my little pretty!!


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